If you fish, you have probably acquired a lot of gear. Lures, reels, line and other small items are easy to store, but keeping rods stowed and organized can be a real challenge. Building a fishing rod rack is a great project that’s simple enough for a beginning woodworker and a good way to brush up on your carpentry skills.

Display Or Storage

The plans for organizing your rod collection are generally simple and can be either freestanding units or wall-mounted racks. The woods used, the level of carpentry employed and the amount of time spent finishing the piece may determine whether your rack will be used in the garage or in your den.

Out Of Sight Storage

If your fishing gear is relegated to the shed or garage, using stock lumber and basic finishing techniques is sufficient. If you are a beginner learning woodworking basics, these simple projects will give you good experience in using a variety of tools and techniques.

Display Your Collection

If you plan to display your rods in a den or family room, the same basic plans can be used with a few modifications. Replace common pine with hardwood, or stain and varnish select grade pine.

Countersink screws and nails, concealing the heads with wood putty before varnishing the piece. Spend extra time sanding, rounding edges and removing burrs and dents from the wood for a smooth and even appearance. You could add decorative brass trim to give the piece a furniture grade appearance.

Use wood or stain colors to blend with the furniture style of your room. Urethane varnish is a great choice to finish your piece and it is available in high gloss or satin finish. If you use a high gloss, be prepared to dust your creation occasionally. Dust and fingerprints don’t show up on the satin finish urethane, so it is a good choice if dusting is a foreign phrase.

There are many designs and styles of rod racks available, both free and at nominal cost. Take stock of the amount of gear you have and browse the internet for styles you like that will accommodate your collection.

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