Everyone knows that plants are wonderfully beneficial to the environment. Indoor plants are, too; in fact, real greenery can turn an ordinary room into a oasis that soothes the soul while it freshens the air.

One problem with keeping plants indoors is that they can get messy. They drop leaves and little crumbly bits no matter how hard we try to keep them pruned and green. Big containers can be tough to move vacuum around. Macrame hangers are a fantastic solution to that problem.

Your Own Little Greenhouse

Macrame is a centuries-old art of making items from knotted cords and various accessories. Tough and strong, macrame plant hangers are the perfect way to display plants and keep them up off your clean floor. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose a hanger and pot combination that lets you enhance your décor and express your personality.

This site, macramemagic.com, is a great place to start. Pick a pot you love, get some good ceiling hooks, then find a hanger that’s ‘you’ and put it all together. Be sure to select a pot with a built-in saucer so it doesn’t drip when the plant is watered. Choose ceiling hooks that are rated for the total weight of the hanger, pot, plant, soil, and water and be certain to install them according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Now for the fun part – picking a plant hanger! The hangers on macramemagic.com come in a variety of sizes, cord colors, and ring colors, so be sure check your options and choose the right one for your pot. Several plants in different-length macrame hangers make a great frame for a dull window, and the outdoor light will keep them plants green and healthy.

Express yourself!

If you already craft macrame art, macramemagic.com has a supply page where they sell their macrame planter cord (in all seventy-four colors), beads and rings. You can make your own planters, perhaps variegated in colors to match several of their pre-made planters. Or create a wall hanging to match your little ‘greenhouse’. If you’ve never tried macrame before, all you need is the ability to tie knots and a good pattern. There are many internet sites to help you learn. So get knotting!